Energizing human intelligence through therapies to enhance human performance and mental health

Ignite Acuity Centers

Blue glowing synapse. Artificial neuron in concept of artificial intelligence. Synaptic transmission lines of pulses.Abstract polygonal space low poly with connecting dots and lines. 3D rendering

Humans are at risk of workplace burnout, mental fatigue, distraction, alienation, subordination, and a myriad of mental health issues. That is why Ignite Acuity created the Ignite Acuity Treatment Center. These centers will be populated in tech-hub locations around the world.

The use of advancing technology in highly skilled roles has generated a burden for visionaries to create human development & sustainability solutions to empower, energize, replenish and restore vital cognitive and behavioral attributes within humans. Now more than ever before humans must learn to thrive while working collaboratively with advancing intelligent and intuitive technologies.

Humans need a place to regain strategic agility, superior mental power, stamina, resilience, and intestinal fortitude as they work on complex projects and strategic performance objectives.  Ignite Acuity treatment centers will provide customized treatment plans to energize human intelligence.

Once an employee takes the AICPD Assessment Profiler (Learn more by clicking AICPD Assessment Profiler and receives a rating specific to Perpejulant's 9 Core Competencies, treatment centers will serve as a charging station to energize and enhance the way they think about those 9 core-competencies in relation to their highly skilled role and overall well being.

Ignite Acuity treatment centers will be constructed in a virtual augmented reality environment, and designed to improve brain functionality and human behavior. Once you enter the facility with its ceramic tile designs and mosaic art, you will feel exuberant. Please review the diagram provided which depicts the actual facility.

Today, we need an experience that provides a respite from fast paced future work environments, an experience designed to improve human performance.

Robot is working with futuristic touchscreen. 3D illustration

Ignite Acuity Centers

  • Enter an aqua oasis environment designed to energize human intelligence and improve mental health.
  • Be simulated in an environment architected with ceramic tiles and mosaic art.
  • Be greeted by the administrative manager and treatment staff personalizing your treatment plan.
  • Once intake processing is complete, you will be escorted to a treatment pod.
  • The treatment pod will be programmed based on your personalized profile.
  • Treatment is completed in 20 min, afterwards a technician escorts you to the relaxation room.
  • Relaxation (or decompression) takes 9-12 min, where you're enveloped in dim aqua lighting, situated in customized massage chairs, listening to tranquil music through specialized headsets (should you not have time for the relaxation room you may exit the facility through a hallway with waterfalls along the walls, leading to an exit path through the center's botanical garden.
  • Each treatment is designed to refresh, replenish, and restore cognitive and behavioral competencies enabling you to re-engage complex tasks with greater resilience, dexterity, and mental agility.
  • The treatment plan remains on file for your next visit and continues to execute sequentially until completed or modified.