AICPD Mental acuity learning modules

Based on the theory of Cognitive Performance Dynamics, these modules are designed to enhance human intellect, human cognition, and human intuition. These modules are specifically designed to improve mental acuity specific to the nine core competencies being assessed by the profiler.

Each module is focused on one of the core competencies; their modules are clustered in groups of 3 to support comprehensive improvements across multiple competencies and provide a point of delineation for learners to confirm their levels of understanding. Module complexity increases, starting with level 1 modules which include all 9, then level 2 modules which also include all nine; however, the complexity of content in level 2 incorporates additional elements of neuroplasticity, emotional intelligence, operant conditioning, memory, and brain functions relative to neuroscience and neurotransmitter functionality.

Robot thinking isolated on blue. Finger touching the head. Artificial intelligence in futuristic technology concept, 3d illustration