Global Expansion

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Ignite Acuity's vision is to expand globally around the world, bringing cognitive & behavioral therapies to the workforce of the future. The expansion plan begins in the U.S, then expands into Asia Pacific, EMEA, South America, and Canada.

Not only will Ignite Acuity provide the AICPD core-competency assessments, but it will also provide unique wellness therapies to address a myriad of mental health issues impacting employee performance.

By Energizing Human Intelligence, employers will be more confident when road-mapping strategic growth initiatives and plotting future operational requirements. Today's fast paced  techno-centric work environment is being transformed amidst extreme demands and supply chain adjustments.  Advancing technology in the office and manufacturing environments have ushered in a new era of performance measures deemed essential in our global economy.

Products, services, support, along with customer experience take center stage in driving revenue, growth, and sustainability. Employees need to be agile and responsive in order to exceed expectations. The internet and global delivery service providers have created a perfect storm of performance acceleration and the pace is not likely to diminish.

Information sharing is ubiquitous across all functional operating models, and strategic initiatives now require a heightened performance management system. Ignite Acuity will play a pivotal role in performance sustainability by generating human brain development roadmaps.

Our vision is to provide accessibility to every tech-hub around the world, focused on helping humans thrive amidst the insurgence of intelligent and intuitive technologies

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